Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ask Questions In These Areas

-Environment – global warming, earth (fields, valleys, caves, oceans, water, land, ice, mountains, beaches, trees, cities, suburbs, etc.)
-Health – food
-Technology (nano, computer,mobile, cyber, virtual worlds, touch, hologram, etc.)
International (global security, politics, business, peace, health, economy, wisdom, etc.)
-Business development
-Collective, collaboration
-Diversity and inclusion
-Legal – supreme court cases
-Living things (People, Animals, plants, etc.)
-Materials (wood, metal, glue, tape, etc.)
-Words, audio, video
-Project management
-Education – problem solving, critical thinking, strategic thinking
-Social – bullying, etc.
-Air earth fire water liquid solids plasma
-Music, art, acting, photos
-Internet devices (computers, phones, etc.)
-Senses (see, hear, touch, smell, taste, sense, etc.)
-Light, sound, air, movement, balance, and electronic, infrared, digital and computer devices

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