Thursday, November 18, 2010

Learning Leaders Breakfast

1. Learning to Change, Changing to Learn (video)
    a. convo
2. Who’s Here?
3. Stand Up
4. Bad Collaboration is Worse than No Collaboration
    a. Apple, m&a, 1 in 5 mgrs
5. Cynefin (image)
    a. convo
6. 3 problems
    a. Demographics
    b. Connect the dots (9/11, mars orbiter, challenger, Toyota)
    c. Decision advantage (ooda, time/attn)
7. ??-How long do you search?
8. ??-How many meetings/hours sharing status?
9. Solution Framework
    a. Who knows who (ona, Jeanne)
    b. Who knows what (profile, knowledge mkt, dir quality, unity, eureka)
    c. Who does what (portfolio mgmt, vna, talent mkt, vesp)
    d. Ppl > ppl; ppl>projects;projects>strategic objectives
    e. MEO – offshore, outsource, free agent
    f. Network of value
       i. Memories in brain
       ii. Living company (id, fiscal conservative, tolerance, environment)
10. ??-job title? Who do you go to for questions? How did you know? What if someones first day?
11. Wirearchy – 2 way flow of power, structure
12. Resilience
13. Stand up
14. Thank you!

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